Thrive Workshop: Getting Comfortable with Getting Quiet
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Thrive Workshop: Getting Comfortable with Getting Quiet
May 6
7:30pm EDT

A conversation on how to begin or deepen impactful journaling and meditation practices.

Do you find sitting still challenging?
Have you wanted to start journaling, but struggle with what to write about?
Have you tried to meditate but found yourself thinking about completing your tasks instead of keeping focus?
Want to learn the science behind the positive impact of journaling and meditation practices?

Get the answers to these critical questions during our “Getting Comfortable with Getting Quiet,” a personal development workshop hosted by our very own inspirational, Inner Strengths expert, Bevin Mugford, and Peach CEO and Co-Founder, Janet Kraus.

Get excited to dig into the practices of journaling and meditation and using your unique internal strengths to thrive!


1. The current research on the positive cognitive, emotional, physical and spiritual impact of journaling and meditation.
2. The fundamentals for beginning and deepening a journaling and meditation practice.
3. How to leverage your strengths when getting comfortable with getting quiet.

Let's get comfortable with getting quiet together.

Each attendee will receive a special, free gift and a link to take their own strengths assessment ahead of time to discuss your results at the event.
Watch time: 75min Registered attendees will receive a zoom link in their confirmation email.

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Peach's Head of Sales
Bevin Mugford is a zesty badass with a flair for the dramatic. She's a former luxury real estate entrepreneur, mom, former competitive swimmer and Crossfitter. Bevin believes women can do anything when they play to their strengths.

Bevin's signature strengths: Zest, Creativity, Curiosity, Kindness, Honesty

Peach CEO & Co-Founder
Janet Kraus is an inspiring serial entrepreneur that has started and sold two technology companies before founding Peach. She is a mom, a wife and an awe-inspiring, riveting speaker.

Janet's signature strengths: Appreciation of Beauty & Excellence, Love, Gratitude, Hope, Creativity, Perspective

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