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Elevated style. Meaningful income. Caring community.

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Share stylish clothing for gym, work and play.

Stylish, versatile and comfortable. That’s what our clients say makes Peach athleisure so irresistible! In fact, virtually everything we design can take a woman from day to night (or from the gym to work to play) with the change of a shoe or a bag. That’s what we call clothing that works hard to simplify your life!

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As a Peach stylist, you bring to life our mission to help women thrive — both by sharing fabulous clothing that lets women move through their daily lives feeling as great as they look, and by welcoming women into this empowering community built on a culture of kindness and positivity!

Meet our designer

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Earn meaningful income. Work anywhere, anytime.

Have a passion for fashion? or fitness? or both? Love helping other women? Have a dream of running your own small business? Peach might just be your answer.

Whether you’re looking for a side hustle or a full-time opportunity, becoming a Peach stylist allows you to earn meaningful income on your terms, anywhere, anytime.

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At Peach, being a stylist is simple — just wear and share our stylish, comfortable, versatile clothes in your daily life, on social media, at gatherings, pop-ups, by text, email or one-on-one.

We provide you with your own website, interactive training, unsurpassed online support and beautiful marketing materials.

See our generous pay plan

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Join an inspiring community.

When you become a Peach stylist, you get to be an entrepreneur without the loneliness! From day one, you’ll be part of an amazing community of supportive peers, home office champions and inspiring clients. You’ll feel the embrace of this kind, dynamic and supportive culture — like a warm hug!

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Our secret sauce? We celebrate the unique strengths and successes of our stylists every day. We take the time to reconnect with each other locally and regionally. We cap it all off with SuccessFest, our annual all-stylist event, filled with camaraderie, personal recognition and magical moments!

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Getting started is easy!
Step 1: Pick the Style Set for your Starter Kit

Our Starter Kit Style Sets include a selection of our best sellers, your own website, $20 coupon codes to share with friends, as well as other digital tools and marketing materials to make getting started really easy. Simply pick your style set and choose to make it a starter kit when adding it to your cart!

$476 $310.80
4 to 6 items
5 $20 coupons
$771.99 $467.59
7 items
10 $20 coupons
$1,445.99 $846.79
13 items
20 $20 coupons
Step 2: Invite friends to our community

Start introducing Peach to your friends and family by inviting them to the Peach Community Group where they will learn about the brand and feel the group hug!
Not in the Peach Community Group yet? Check it out!

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Step 3: Share the love

Share Peach products in ways that feel authentic to you! Whether by wearing and sharing amid your daily routine, through in-person or digital gatherings, parties and pop-up events, or through social media, texts and emails — all with the training and tools to help you reach your goals.


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Looking to start a little smaller?

Sign up as a Stylist with a digital starter kit for only $50.
You’ll get all the digital tools you need to start your business with the flexibility to pick your products a la carte!


Don't take our word for it

Hear why our stylists love what they do.

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Meet Sara

Our innovative business model has enabled me to earn an income while working from home, which has given me the flexibility to spend time with my family.

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I am a former elementary Physical Education Teacher and decided to stay home when my now five-year-old turned one. Never in a million years would I have guessed that I’d become a successful stylist - especially since my work wardrobe used to consist of track suits and t-shirts! But I quickly discovered that women not only love our clothes for the comfort and quality but also for the confidence they feel from wearing them.

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Stylisttestimonial erin

Meet Erin

Peach has provided me with an amazing platform to connect and encourage women to embrace and celebrate how they are uniquely designed.

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Raising three little boys is exhausting! But when they went to school, I wanted to find a career that would be fulfilling and still allow me the flexibility to do homework, cook good meals and take them to baseball. Peach was the perfect fit! I'm able to exercise my business acumen and strategically partner with other women in my community, and I enjoy helping other women to succeed in their own businesses. Not to mention, I get to wear great clothes while I'm doing it!

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Stylisttestimonial daryl

Meet Daryl

The fact that we are building this brand from the ground floor motivates me every day.

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I am making a difference not only in women's lives but building a platform for women that can really make a difference.

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