the zipp



We’ve all been there. Half-contorted around our dress as we awkwardly try to zip it up. But despite our effort, our arms are never quite long or flexible enough to fully zip our dress. The Zipp has arrived as an elegant solution to this challenge.

The Zipp was invented by a remarkable high-schooler named Audrey Welsh. As she tried on dresses for her winter formal, she realized how awkward and dependent zipping a dress can make a woman feel. What ensued is what Audrey calls “a war on zippers”, ultimately leading to her invention of the Zipp. In awe of Audrey’s strength, entrepreneurial spirit, and her motivation to make women feel more confident each moment of the day, we are delighted to carry the Zipp and recognize Audrey as a peach inspirer.

The Zipp comes in five colors, and is shipped in a decorative box.

White blossom