You are unique and we like that.
Like all humans, you have areas of strength and areas of improvement.

When founding peach, we pledged to own our strengths instead of worrying about our “shortcomings”. The outcome was something like unleashing a superpower. It allowed each of us to thrive, not only in our professional roles, but in our lives outside of work, too.

The same can happen for you.

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Janet Kraus, CEO and co-founder of peach, elevated this strengths-based approach from a company culture tool to something we share with our stylist and customer community.

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At first, I thought the strengths training was "interesting". As I lived it more and more, it started to permeate all aspects of my life, boosting my patience, perspective, and appreciation of the human diversity around me.

– Zuzana
tech product at peach

discover and develop your strengths

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Strengths spotlight

Each season, we select one strength to examine and create curriculum around bringing it to life.

Thrive Inside

Every peach package includes curriculum introducing the season’s strength as well as tips for how to activate it in your daily life.

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We are building a global community and digital platform that connects women with the products, people and purpose to help them thrive.

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