CEO Showcase: Ti-A Woven Goods
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CEO Showcase: Ti-A Woven Goods
Jul 12
12:00pm EDT

Join us for a CEO Showcase featuring the founder of Ti-A Woven Goods!

Peach CEO and Co-Founder, Janet Kraus, will be sitting down with fellow female founder, Simbala Drammeh, to talk all about her entrepreneurial journey. As part of the intimate conversation, you’ll have a chance to hear all about her brand, Ti-A Woven Goods, and how she was able to create such an empowering brand.

What makes this business truly remarkable is Ti-A’s mission to give back to impoverished women. Not only do they work with women’s co-ops in Ghana to create stunning, handmade baskets, they also offer competitive investments in their employees that empower them to break through life-changing barriers. We are incredibly proud to partner with Ti-A and support a business working to create amazing opportunities, like these, for women around the world!

Not only is the meaning behind Ti-A special, but their reusable baskets are perfect for running errands, shopping and traveling through town. Wear them as a fashion statement or decorate your home - these sustainable bags are made for all your lifestyle needs!

Join us to hear more about Simbala's awe-inspiring mission and how she gives back to the communities in the Bolgatanga and Accra regions.

Then, stay for a showcase of their beautiful baskets and get a look at their one-of-a-kind patterns and colors! We’ll also have a surprise giveaway to help celebrate this special partnership, so you definitely won’t want to miss this!

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We can't wait to see you at this event!

Founder of Ti-A Woven Goods

With years of traveling, degrees in social work and anthropology, and volunteer work in the Dominican Republic, Simbala has become more than an Idealist - she is a business woman on a mission to give back. Her art gallery, From Slaveship to Ownership, helped her realize that art and community was the key to bridging the gaps in different cultures. Having found a connection between impoversed women and a growing trade, Simbala birthed Ti-A. She has since helped hundreds of women develop their craft in basket weaving and linked them with resources to make their craft profitable.


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