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Our mission is to help you and your community thrive — from the inside out and the outside in.

We build this philosophy into everything we do, creating a new kind of a company made for women by women.


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Our clothing is designed to make you feel your best from morning 'til night, in style and in comfort.

Our goal is that you reach for Peach all the time because of how it makes you feel and the versatility it brings into your every day. As we think about what planet we'd like to leave behind for future generations, our hope is that you will discover you want more Peach but need less apparel overall.

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We create shopping experiences that are convenient, fun, personal and nourishing to your community.

Remember when shopping was a fun thing you did with friends? Or when you had a local boutique that knew you so well?

Our innovative social selling business model enables cool women (like you!) to bring our clothes to you anywhere you want them. It is like shopping your favorite boutique when and where you want - at gatherings, pop-ups, by text, email or one-on-one. We put humanity back into retail.

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The company we're building is one you want to have in your world.

As we were creating a workplace and product based on values of authenticity, whole-heartedness, insipiration, thoughtfulness, and innovation, we realized we needed to share our approach beyond our walls. We have designed a personal development program called Thrive that we share with all our stylists, business partners and YOU.

Interested in quieting what we call the “itty, bitty, sh%#ty committee?”

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Behind every successful woman is a community of women who have her back.

We rise by lifting others. This is our ethos and it has informed how we do everything. For example, we encourage collaboration over competition, we seek out product partners led by women, and we give back to charitable foundations that empower women.

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