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feel beautiful and confident in your own skin

It all starts with a perfectly fitting bra by peach.

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how it all started

Most women are wearing a bra that doesn’t fit or doesn’t do its job. And women will tell you shopping for bras stinks (they will share other words too). We wondered how this could be true when half the population wears a bra.

We knew there had to be a better way. So we created it.

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we knew there had to be a better way.
so we created it.

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the art & science of peach

We infuse art and science into everything we do. We take cutting edge technology, breakthrough and beautiful product design, and a community of expert, caring stylists to create a transformational experience.

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cutting edge technology

We collected thousands of data points from real women, in person, and used machine learning to build an algorithm that recommends the best fitting bra. These are the same tools Google uses to translate languages and Netflix uses to recommend movies. Then, we used our expertise from thousands of fittings and took it to the next level.

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breakthrough product design

Each and every day, we collect more real-life data and analyze it to engineer better fitting bras. We create hundreds of patterns and samples, we fit and grade each size by hand, and we wear test each style on women of all shapes, sizes, proportions, and ages. The end result is a design process that is truly breakthrough.

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expert stylists who care

The stylist is our secret sauce, because when it comes to bras, DIY just doesn’t cut it. She delivers the expertise and care you need to fill your top two drawers with versatile and beautiful bras, panties, and basics. She can even help you replenish the products you love, automatically (your to-do list will thank you).

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our story is bigger than bras

The peach® social commerce platform is disrupting an industry AND changing the world.

We’re saying “no thank you” to an industry that promotes an exclusive standard of beauty; instead, we’re creating the new standard, where all women feel beautiful in their own skin.

While we start with beautiful design intent, it is when we listen to her and incorporate her real-life data into every decision that we achieve something breakthrough - products perfect for her.

We’re invested in changing the world so that it is more inclusive and so that women have an equal seat at the table. We love and empower entrepreneurship because it is the fastest way to create change.

ready to say goodbye to dressing room drama and back of the drawer panties?

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